My sister and I signed up for this keenspace thing around newyear 2003-2004.
At first we didn't have any good comic ideas, so we did some strips about our
Pepsi MAX addiction. Very interesting... NOT!
But then - after looking at waaay too much Dragon Ball, DBZ and DBGT - we
finally made something funnier to upload here!
At last we got to kill off all the annoying characters without FUNIMATION
censuring away all the bloody parts!!!

My sister who drew it all got lazy and despite all my nagging, and even shortening
down of the end, she never finished what we started... But now - summer of 2009 - I will
start nagging at her again. This comis is too freaking awsome and needs to be completed!
Only needs a few more bloody pages and coloring of the old scetshy ones...
I can't remember where I got all the random wierd stuff from and I bet nobody who has read
it understands it all so I might add a WTF page that has some comments and explanations
for some of the comic pages. Stay tuned for the next update! ;)

Pepsiholica 16th July 2009